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 About us at Limitless Automation

Limitless Automation is a small Home Automation and Commercial Automation business running out of Claremont in Perth Western Australia. Yes, they are small and they plan to stay that way. If you are looking for a company where the directors run the business, if you are looking for an 'out of Perth' customer experience, if you want to be treated as a customer and not a number, if you just want to deal with the same person from design to handover then you have landed on the right site.


From its inception in 2016 Limitless Automation was destined to be successful. The partnership of one of Perth's most experienced smart-wiring integration designers and one of, if not the most accomplished, knowledgeable and versatile installation and programming technicians has seen Limitless Automation growing from strength to strength in this space.


Both directors, being  Mark Peterson, born in Capetown South Africa and Cristian Avramita from Croatia originally, have a similar approach to each and every design submitted and product installed. That is, that it must work, work ultra reliably and be easy to use. Their commitment to customers is similar in that these are electronics we are talking about so at some stage there will be an issue and when there is, it will be a priority at Limitless Automation to attend to it.


With over 20 years of experience between them Mark and Cristian have the capabilities to design and then deliver on that design. Although Mark has worked onsite both running cables and installing various equipments his role at Limitless Automation is office based with Cristian looking after all aspects of onsite work and supervision of staff and contractors, if and when used.

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