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           Access Control Perth
No keys? Good.

Access control systems allow the convenience of keyless entry and exit. It is also essentially your own personal electronic gatekeeper, allowing you to control who can enter your property and when they can enter property.

With options from keypads and card readers to the latest in biometrics, whatever the budget and requirement we have the solution.

From standalone residential access control to apartment buildings and commercial sites with BMS with multiple staff and even multiple sites we have experience and expertise to deliver.

Access control for some time now has been app based using Bluetooth and networking to authenticate users and then grant or deny access.

What is the latest in access control systems on Perth? NFC. 

What is NFC technology then?

NFC (“Near Field Communication”) is a technology for short-range contactless communication, usually for a few centimetres.
It is a technology designed for mobile phones that is being used mainly for mobile payments, identification applications or mobile marketing.


The NFC technology allows the initiation of communication with another electronic device by a simple mutual touch of the devices, by reading the information from a data tag (so-called NFC tag), identifying the user through an access control or attendance system and many other functions.

For example the NFCporter system uses the communication between the mobile phone and the reader to transfer identification data. By touching the reader with his mobile phone, the user is allowed to enter the building or be clocked in on an attendance terminal.

Regardless of size, we can assist with an access control solution. 

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