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           Home Automation Perth
How smart can a smart home be?

Home Automation & Systems Integration Perth

So why is home automation called 'home automation'? With a home automation system is a home now 'automatic' and not able to be manually controlled by those living in it? The answer is... not at all. We prefer the term 'systems integration' as that is what we are in fact doing. We are bringing the homes individual systems into a central platform which then allows control of these systems from a single location or tablet or smartphone.

Have a look at these truly amazing Wavetrain designed home cinema rooms

As a true custom integrator we don't push product,
we propose solutions.

For serious Home Cinema in Perth, these are the elements to consider and this is where we can assist you.

  • Room dimensions

  • Window and door locations

  • Sound isolation

  • Lighting & HVAC

  • Audio visual equipment

  • Acoustics

  • Decor aesthetics 

  • Calibration & room tuning

  • Remote or tablet control

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