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           Smart Home Intercom Systems Perth
Never miss a visitor again.

Residential Intercom Perth

Video intercom systems allow you to see your visitors, speak with them and open a gate or door from an internal monitor or by tablet or smart phone and do this from anywhere in the world.

Never miss a delivery with latest in intercom systems in Perth. As soon as the DHL courier or Sam from Coles arrives with your delivery you will be informed on your smart phone. You could remotely open a gate or garage door and accept the delivery.

A safer home with an IP video intercom with remote access as your intended burglar is not able to tell if you are answering from home or from somewhere else.

Building & Apartment Intercom

With so many people in Perth now living or working in  buildings it is imperative that the building  provides protection and safety, both everyday and in an emergency. The core element of a Multi Apartment Building intercom is the centralised access control system, which keeps the building and associated premises in secure from unwanted intruders, guaranteeing the required high level of security discreetly and unobtrusively.

The most common configuration of a Multi Apartment Building Intercom system and is a main entry station which enables the visitor to call a particular office or residence. Each office or residence will have at least apartment station allowing them to see and hear the person at the front door and with the press of a button, grant access via the electric strike release function

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